Each company has different requirements but what many do agree on is the need to use an intranet. An intranet is a private network whose function is to unite, connect and share information and data among employees; To achieve these objectives it is necessary that you know things that cannot be missing from your intranet . An intranet requires a series of tools that cannot be missing to guarantee success in the communication and productivity of your company. We will show you in detail things that cannot be missing in your intranet. Fundamental characteristics of an intranet.

Calendar of events and birthdays.

All employees will log into the intranet. To review the calendar of events, holidays or birthdays; This is how a corporate union is generated, offering a healthy work environment. In addition, the use of emails sent month after month is reduced. Replacement of documents It will allow you to access specific information or documents at any time company data through a search engine, resulting in significant savings in time and tedious procedures. It will also allow you to make notifications of important updates for staff, easy to view and accessible to everyone. Online applications Provide forms they can fill out online, make requests, approve or reject, and track. In this way, the employee does not have to leave the intranet or move from his or her position to manage permits, request equipment, etc.

Good search engine

The key to making your intranet useful and effective is in the content. Some ideas for the content of your platform are to expose product guides, your company’s services, portfolio; and for your employees it must have the necessary company ontent to manage their requirements. Final considerations As we already indicated, these tools are things that cannot be missing from your intranet. But it is equally important  Student Mobile List not only to have them, but also to use them and that your employees also perceive the benefit of using them. Among other things your employees: They will feel integrated and more involved as they have all the information.


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