A tidy and organized workspace helps concentration and motivation

Personally, I have an extra room at home but still decided to create my space in the bedroom (which, according to experts, is the worst place in the house to create a home office But the bedroom for me has always been an intimate, private corner that helps me regain serenity and concentration. And so I have a message for the experts: “Experts! PrrThere is therefore no universal solution . Find your space, the one that makes you feel better. Once you find it, you’re already halfway there.

Chair, desk and lighting

Now we need to make our space even more productive. Here are some ideas:

  • Since you will be sitting for many hours, buy a comfortable chair . You can opt for an office chair , an ergonomic chair or – as I chose – for a gaming chair ( the best chair to combine business with pleasure )
  • Illuminate the workspace in the best possible way so as not to strain the eyes and the brain. Prefer natural light but artificial light is also fine if the room is not too bright. I opted for a strip of LED glued to the bottom of the shelves above the desk and for a lamp with a built-in cell phone charger (which my daughter filled with heart-shaped stickers for me, oh well
  • Try to keep the room at an ideal temperature , never too hot and never too cold
  • Personalize and decorate your workspace to feel truly “yours,” so creativity can flow more smoothly
  • Add plants on your desk and in the room , such as arrowroot, pothus plant or areca, capable of purifying the room. Plants can also increase productivity and attention. Did you know that?
  • Also add photos of loved ones and your pets , they will help you always feel motivated and good about yourself.

Keep your space tidy

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui states Greece Phone Number List that clutter can also become an obstacle to our productivity.

It’s really hard to be productive when you’re disorganized . On the other hand, organization can help concentration and allow you to get things done faster. And then let’s face it: the time to look for something we can’t find could really be spent on something more productive!

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Clutter can in fact be a distraction that interferes with your creative and thought processes , preventing you from being truly effective. When Sms List your workspace is tidy and well organized, you can spend more time on your tasks without the interruptions of clutter and chaos.

If your desk is a mess, full of sticky notes, notes, post-its and paperwork, then I really recommend tidying it up. You’ll be amazed at how clearer your mind is and maximize your productivity.

Listen to good music

Another little tip to make your freelance day even more productive is to listen to music while you work .


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