Although creating an advertising campaign

There are different types of advertising that you can do on the web, such as social advertising , i.e. sponsored on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, or Google ADS , i.e. advertising campaigns made on Google.sponsored by facebook
Example of sponsored on Facebook
Google, on the other hand, allows us to mainly create two types of campaigns:display campaign
Search Network campaign .
Let’s look at both of them in more detail.

Display campaign

Display campaigns are the classic banners you often find when browsing websites. One of the most used strategies for this type of campaign is retargeting which allows you to show your advertising, for example, to all those who have visited your website but have not made a purchase.

Have you ever wanted to buy, say, a new South Africa Phone Number List kitchen table and suddenly, surfing the web, you find kitchen tables everywhere?

This is exactly an example of retargeting .

Google display campaign
Search Network campaign
The other type of campaign that you can do with Google is the search network campaign which appears in the search results and allows you to skip the line and immediately position yourself in the first results of the SERP.

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These results are labeled “ Announcement

search campaign
Therefore, creating paid campaigns is an excellent digital marketing strategy that allows you to expand your audience, generate new contacts and increase your sales – and consequently your turnover.

An advice. If now you’re thinking “ Wow, cool, I’m going to create my first campaign right away and the turnover will explode! “… hold back for a SMS List moment. It doesn’t quite work like that (otherwise everyone would, don’t you think?)

On Google or on social networks is technically quite simple, setting up the campaign to show the right advertisement to the right audience at the right time is a little more complex.

So if you don’t want to throw your money out the window, before starting to launch sponsored campaigns I suggest you study the subject well .


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