Always assign a deadline to your tasks

So what is the maximum limit of daily activities that I advise you to schedule? Well, it depends. It depends on the type of tasks you have to do, how difficult they are and how long they can keep you busy.Personally, for example, I never plan more than 3/5 activities every day , also because I know that the unexpected is always lurking in my house (I already told you that I work with my children at home, right? What if you finish earlier than expected? Optimal! You can get on with the next day’s tasks or take some well-deserved break .

Being able to always stay on top of your daily tasks not only helps you keep all your work activities under control but also gives you a positive energy and motivation that you don’t have by always putting tasks off until the next day.

Another super effective tip

I want to give you is to always assign a deadline to your tasks .

I am well aware that there are tasks Belgium Phone Number List that do not have a defined deadline but being able to set it – and respect it! – it helps you on several aspects:

  • increase your motivation and self-confidence
  • helps you prioritize your daily tasks
  • helps you reach your goals sooner
  • helps you overcome your perfectionism (don’t lie: I know you have it!)
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Start with the most complex and urgent tasks

Another mistake that many freelancers make is to start with micro-tasks , i.e. those simple and quick activities that “take only 5 minutes”.

The human brain is in fact programmed Sms List to enjoy small immediate rewards . And doing a lot of small and short tasks first makes you feel like you’ve already done so many things.

Right? Wrong!

In fact, a lot of research shows that people who manage to do the most difficult tasks first are generally more productive and focused than those who start with the simple things.

There are at least two reasons.


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