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Box or private apartment Business cards on a map that include addresses for locations we are interest in locating can significantly improve page rank. Unfortunately many companies try to take advantage of the fact that even though they don’t have a real branch in a particular city they create an entry for the company representative’s PO  However. the guidelines are clear that entries can only be creat for the physical location address of the company or its branches. Any abuse will sooner or later be notic by other users of the system and maps who may report such entries as spam. So creating a business card for an address that doesn’t belong to a company is not a definitive long-term activity.

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Effect at any time. Phone numbers available for all locations According to the policy list should include phone numbers to contact a specific business or its specific location directly. Google also recommends providing a local phone number instead of a helpline Brazil Mobile Database number if possible of course. The situation also seems obvious from a typical marketing perspective. Unfortunately many companies decide to use a number for all locations (we’re omitting here) companies that have their own hotlines. or for several separate activities such as running a flower shop and an online toy store. out of savings. convenience or other reasons.

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Both customers and Google bots. let’s not forget Giving the same number. In different places for different events or locations could be seen as giving contradictory information. It is also beneficial to have multiple unique numbers. Inconsiderately create a business address entry for specialists Professionals. With personal businesses in My Business can create Sms List business cards for themselves on the map. Problems can arise if a particular specialist doctor lawyer or real estate agent. Does this at the address of a firm he also works with. If the same category is given in both lists the entries will compete with each other for position on the map.


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