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Collect data Examples that Jikkie gives and immeiately makes me feel happy! I have expertise on this subject Visualizing success, if not applie properly, can get in the way of your success. Your brain doesnt know the difference between real and visualize success. Visualizing may lead to a heightene state of energy and happiness, but not by definition to a plan of action, strategic action and possibly adjusting your approach. All kinds of things you nee to achieve successful goals. Visualizing therefore has a very good motivating effect you can encourage the imagination of success or achieve goals to set specific goals or formulate ambitions. Negative visualization also has a major influence. 

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Having the habit of speaking negatively about your own success or simply thinking about doom a lot leads to unpleasant feelings, little energy and zero motivation to get starte with your goals. So dont! So what to visualize ? Research has shown that it makes a lot of sense to think about how you will achieve your goals. How to get your work room photo editor distraction-free and get to work focuse for a few hours. Or the skills you teach yourself to achieve your goals. Jikkie calls this building a bridge between your reality and your goals, and being realistic about any shortcomings or challenges.

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Timely, because only in this way can you take them into account and they do not have to determine your success! Visualize your path to success and set your brain on the right action your scheules, your training and practice, and the different steps that lead to your goal. . Unleash a positive vicious circle with action Action builds confidence and practice makes perfect. Because, by allowing yourself to make mistakes, and trying to see failure as SMS List an opportunity for upward improvement, you can actually gain experience and get better at what you do. This is what scientists call the Competence.

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