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Possibilities for Why the Kidnapp Sufferers Support Prabowo Either They Have Actually Come to Absentmind or Absence Level of Sensitivity to Other Victims Still Miss Out on. For Example Yani Afri the Kid of Mrs. Tuty Koto. His Child Hardga is Still Brows for His Papa. Wiji Thukul is Netherlands Telegram Number Data Additionally Yet to Locat Usman Said at the Kpu Ri Office in Central Jakarta on Wnesday . Prabowo Add That if Anyone Inquiries or Questions His Resolution That Individual is Weak cause They Offer Up Without Also Gett in the Battle. Indonesia Can Do It and Indonesia Will Certainly Succe. I Desire to Highlight That Our Ideas the st. Dont Doubt It Kims Ideas Superior Patent Prabowo Insist Strongly. Note the Info is Offer.

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Accuracy of the Statements Made by Prabowo Subianto is Not Independently Validat. Prabowo Addresses the Th Anniversary of the Indonesian Uniformity Celebration Psi. Presidential Prospect Numr Prabowo Subianto Talk at the Th Wd Anniversary Event of the Indonesian Solidarity Celebration Psi at Jatidiri na in Semarang on Saturday . Prabowo Shar His Resolution to Eliminate Corruption in Indonesia and Costa Rica Phone Number List nhance the Automation Initiatives Launch by President Joko Widodo. As Component of the Koalisi Indonesia Maju Kim We Committ to Remov Corruption From the Land of Indonesia and Sustain Head of State Jokowis Policy of Automation. We No More Wish to Enable Our Sources.

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