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Bots won’t make you wait long for an answer  interrupt at any time and best of all they don’t have a bad day and don’t react to anyone’s bad mood. However aside from personal impressions the presence of chatbots is a great help for many users especially for those who cannot move freely in the web and ne some support. Booking a restaurant reservation. booking a plane. or filling out a tax return just got easier with their help. They also provide professional advice. An example is Sephora’s chatbot. which can help users choose the right makeup or ask about a look that makeup elements should match. Every conversation that takes place is also an opportunity for the robot itself.

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The interlocutor and remembers the choices he made. This allows him to improve his operations. Chatbots as a Profit Source for Employers How Not to Offend Your Boss on Social Mia Private Profiles and Employer Interests The number of people Dominican-Republic Mobile Database using social networking sites is increasing year by year So it’s no surprise that social mia is playing an increasingly important role in our private and business lives. Bas on and written annual social status report as many companies use to communicate with customers.

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To using people who have accounts on and on . Respondents in the same report answer that social network marketing was very effective or somewhat effective. These statistics clearly show that in the modern world social mia has not only a personal function but also a sales and promotional function. So how should we as users and users of social networking sites use social networking sites so that our professional and private lives can be safely carri Sms List out in order to draw certain conclusions in this field does not require detail analysis. Every user can see with the nak eye that the vast majority of business owners have recogniz the marketing potential of social networking sites.


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