Create a topic structure before you start writing

Being able to control the pace means having control over the words and emotional levers capable of attracting and seducing your reader.I’ll give you some examples.This text has a flat rhythm . It’s quite boring to read. I’m actually not saying much. I just want to make you bored. It has a really monotonous rhythm. Read it 3 times and you will know. I’m already bored writing it. You even more to read it.Do you want to write a more rhythmic text? Then learn to play with words, alternate pauses at a faster pace. Attract your reader, hook them to read, and offer responses. Don’t be afraid to dare: words have great power. It’s up to you to learn how to use them.

Did you understand the difference?

Use short sentences to pick up the pace. TA-TA-TA. And then lengthen the sentences to make the text more relaxing and more flowing. TAAA-TAAA-TAAA.

Great help comes from music . Try writing a text immersed in silence, one listening to relaxing music and one with very upbeat music. Often the lyrics we write will take on the rhythm of the music we are listening to.

Be fun
be funny
A funny text is much more pleasant Albania Phone Number List to read than a difficult to understand university text.

Think of this blog: I’m talking about blogging, digital marketing, strategies and technical settings. I mean, I’m not talking about kittens and good mornings. I’m talking about bricks in the stomach. If I don’t want readers to run away, I have to make writing lighter.

And here comes that subtle fun that you can read between the lines . “Quel che” which makes texts easier to read, more entertainment than “I explain, you learn”.

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But how to be funny?

First of all it doesn’t mean doing cabaret . Rather, it means inserting a short joke, being self-deprecating, emphasizing a concept to make it caricatured and expressive.

Let subtle humor surface naturally , without overplaying it, when the time is right. You will see that your texts will be even more engaging!article structure
Imagine the scene.

You’re googling something like lighting the fireplace.

Now you find an article that says:

Well, before lighting the fireplace you must SMS List have one. Put the wood inside. The best wood for the fireplace is this. But the fireplace must also be like this and like this. Once you have placed the smaller kindling, light them with a lighter. Here are the characteristics of a lighter. But let’s get back to wood. Put the small pieces first…

Don’t you find it a big mess?

And I assure you that this kind of thing is often found. All you really need to do is do a Google search and read the results with a somewhat critical eye to find articles that don’t follow a logical thread and constantly jump from one topic to another.


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