Don’t quit your job before you have a stable blog

Indeed, it is quite naive to expect satisfactory results if we proceed off the cuff and do not even know exactly in which direction we are going.To develop an effective strategy, therefore, we need 2 fundamental things:Be clear about the goals we want to achieve
Be clear about the tools (and/or the people) we have at our disposal to reach them.
When starting a new project online, we Turkey Phone Number List are often overwhelmed with enthusiasm.We have a thousand ideas of things to do, to write, to develop . And we create our blog based on feelings, as we like, without a real strategic plan behind it and – above all – without well-defined objectives .But the blog is never an end: it is always a means . A means, in fact, to achieve the goals you have set yourself.

And if you have no goals, then what is your blog for?We have seen that blogging can be a fantastic and very lucrative job .

But now the bad news: results don’t come right away , overnight. Otherwise everyone would quit their job to blog full time, don’t you think?

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Many of my readers often ask me

But when will I see the first results? “. Unfortunately, however, this is a question that is impossible to answer .

Timing may in fact vary based on many different factors, such as:

from the niche you are targeting
from your past experiences
your skills and knowledge.
It can take months before you start earning enough money to make a living from blogging alone. If I start a new project from scratch today, with my skills and experience, it certainly takes me much less time to get results than what I could get 10 years ago.

So, if you have a job, don’t give up everything if you don’t have your back economically covered for at least a year.

Constantly invest in yourself

In every job we do it is important to constantly train . And this is even more true in jobs that belong to the vast digital marketing sector, where speed is very high and changes are truly the order of the day.

If we don’t constantly update ourselves, we Sms List risk remaining one step (but also 2, 3, 4… ) behind.

And in digital, falling behind almost always means shutting down .

Build relationships with other professionals
Connecting with other bloggers and other professionals aligned with your business should be one of your top priorities right away.

This is because to be successful in the vast world of the web, it is important to join forces .


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