Due to the optimization activities

This graph shows that since 2019. Growth in impressions in r and clicks in blue. Source: Google Search Console Effect 2 Page Views have increas significantly to 2019 In addition. due to our strategy. customer interest in products has also increas significantly. We have carri out and the expansion of the website. our hits have increas compar to the data at the beginning of the cooperation. The rapid increase in the number of views plus the amazing increase in the hits is nothing more than a systematic increase in the click-through rate. The current click-through rate has reach the level.

This is the perfect proof

The optimizations we made brought the client valuable website traffic traffic generat by users who were genuinely interest in their offer. Considering only organic traffic we can also boast of excellent results from our campaigns. After the first month of Denmark Mobile Database cooperation. a user arriv at the client’s website through organic search results. After months of working on the client’s website being visit in this way. we record an increase in organic traffic more than 100% than originally assum. Top notch for this season and beyond. A case study with collaborations in SEO.

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Long-term campaigns not only

Very good results can be achiev and above all maintain the level they have achiev. Good visibility during periods of increas product interest is of course paramount for a seasonal industry. However. it is also important to maintain visibility in the off-season by maintaining satisfactory order volumes. Due to the results achiev by our clients this is not a problem Sms List A few words about the company Gabion Basket Manufacturer Company is a gabion basket manufacturer manufactures modern fences and retaining walls for clients. To ensure a perfect appearance and the highest possible resistance to deformation the company uses high-quality bars and channels.


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