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Erin Balsa a content Also make sure to include your keyword in your headline. Ive come to realize that the LinkedIn algorithm prioritizes keywords in the headline first when pulling up search results. . Professional Profile image A professional image is an important part of your identity on LinkedIn. Its one of the first elements you can use to grab attention. Besides being professional avoid selfies make sure to smile and show your teeth. This makes you more relatable and approachable.

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A good LinkedIn profile Special Data picture is also a great way to garner trust. . Banner Many LinkedIn users neglect the banner area. linkedin banner example Doing so is passing up a great opportunity to sell your personal and professional brand. Create a banner thats a visual representation of your entire LinkedIn profile. Also add a calltoaction CTA to help visitors know what to do next after coming across your profile. call to action in banner example Adding a CTA to my LinkedIn banner has helped me exponentially grow my YouTube channel.

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Prime real estate on your  LinkedIn Philippine Email List profile to achieve so much for your business. From boosting brand awareness to generating leads to driving sales or getting noticed by recruiters. If youre a sales rep and use LinkedIn then watch the video I created on how to optimize your profile for sales How To Optimize Your Linkedin Profile For Sales Linkedin Profile Tips for . Link to website LinkedIn is a fantastic leadgeneration tool. You can use it to direct your LinkedIn traffic to your website. For that to happen just add a link to your website. You can even make your link serve a dual purpose by turning it into a CTA like in the example below by.

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