Even Saints Make Mistakes

Even Saints Make For professional reasons it is an advertising business after all and I am impatiently waiting for the Christmas commercials. I am waiting for last year my favorite is the ad. Do you remember who the hell this year is. You’ll know from our copywriter subjective ad rankings cut. Ho Ho Ho Copywriting Team Almost Finish Composition and Christmas Mood Air New Zealand Air New Zealand is known for their funny ads. Do you remember those videos showing the hobbit or the men in black flight safety rules. Before Christmas again the company didn’t disappoint us.

This ad is a funny way of

Showing that unique New Zealand accent that the rest of the world doesn’t understand. In the advert Santa and his helpers are bewilder by what New Zealand kids are asking for as they appear to have strange gift ideas. Piggy Bank in the shape of a Bulgaria Mobile Database new beard pug cookie balls well forgive me instead of the elf who receiv such an order I’ll finally get mad too. Luckily the Air New Zealand cabin crew stoically explain what the kids really want as gifts. Source We love advertising in our section. What matter most to me and Krzysek. the elf’s disorientation.

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Santa’s consternation at

The end of the phone call in New Zealand. and the flight attendant’s explanatory accent monologue were perfect for me. Having been copywriting for over 20 years. he certainly notic the interesting side of the language. But just like me he appreciat the technical side of the ad. Play and record well. it was as short and concise as he was. Having work on our team Sms List for over years she appreciat the ad as she said with her characteristic graciousness of true Christmas warmth.A very touching friendship with Moz Were you afraid of monsters under your b as a child I cover my head with a quilt and believ it was the best shield no monster would see me.


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