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 It is not about imposing a solution that we believe is best. Let’s remember that we have to listen to and take into account the other and never assume that we know what they want. Let’s better ask him. Let’s retreat if we can’t handle it If at any time we feel that we are losing our cool and anger, frustration or the desire to criticize the other is gaining on us, it is better to get away from the situation until we are calmer. Just say something like, “Right now I think I’m getting upset and I can’t continue this discussion anymore.

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I ne to get away for a while and when I calm down I would like to get back to it so that we can find a solution that benefits both of us.” In summary, let us remember that a conflict is not about a power struggle; It is about understanding the person b2b email list with whom we are having the conflict to achieve more effective communication and above all it is about finding a solution that is acceptable to both parties.The Club of Rome is a non-profit organization dicat to promoting research on the impact of human activity and industrial development on living conditions on our planet.

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 Its origins date back to the 1960s when the Italian businessman Aurelio Peccei and the Scottish scientist Alexander King, bas on a fertile coincidence of concerns, met with the aim of discussing aspects link to population growth, the development of technology and large industry, and environmental pollution, factors that SMS List since that time, due to their unbridl momentum, were already beginning to put the possibilities of development on our planet at risk. In 1972, Limits to Growth was publish , the product of two years of research carri out by a team of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the request of the Club of Rome .

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