God in the Afterlife Is a Circumstance

 It was a study fram in a social diagnosis initiative that was baptiz as “The Humanity Dilemma Project”, whose most pressing objective was to carry out a rigorous study, bas on mathematical analysis process by computer – making use of an innovative method. call system dynamics–, about the impact that the interrelation of five factors could have on the state of the planet in the coming decades. The balance was worrying: Dennis Meadows, the scientist who l the team, prict that the Earth would reach its limits of growth at some point within the next hundr years, if consumption habits and the use of natural resources, production agriculture, population growth, the production of industrial inputs and environmental pollution maintain the accelerat and chaotic increase in their rates, as had been occurring until that moment.

Life That Without It

We already know now, almost fifty years later, how far we are from having avert that threat. The fifth assessment report releas in 2014 by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) tells us about the unchang (and worrying) progress observ in terms of global and regional trends. of economic development, greenhouse gas emissions, resource consumption, infrastructure and settlement patterns, and institutional behavior and use of b2b leads technology, all of which significantly ruce the levels of adaptation and mitigation in the face of global warming. (IPCC, 2014). publish a book in 2008 under a title that makes your skin crawl – Climate Wars. Why we will kill (and they will kill us) in the 21st century – approaches climate change from an angle that, in its opinion, has been neglect:

We Would Easily

The figure of Harald Welzer bursts into this desolate panorama. And not exactly to tone down his somber tone. Social psychologist and sociologist train at the University of Hannover, director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Memory Research , and renown expert in studies on historical memory, social violence and the Holocaust, Welzer, who was consider a “productive transversal thinker” by Der Spiegel , the famous German magazine,the very serious social impact that this imbalance is causing in the world and especially in underdevelop countries , and one of whose most dire consequences is the emergence of SMS List conflicts and wars directly caus by the dispute over space, resources and energy sources: the so-call “climate wars”, extreme situations of violence that leave open the possibility of their being implement.

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