Having two young children certainly

A life of complete freedom : freedom of schedules, freedom of working places, economic freedom, freedom to work on the projects we love most with the people we value the most.

But is everything really that simple?

Although the freelance life allows many freedoms, to be able to keep up with the millions of things to do, the always lurking deadlines and all the management of our work requires solid discipline and a lot, a lot of organization.

And the danger of never being able to disconnect is always around the corner.

I have been a freelancer for over 10 years. And I assure you that everything hasn’t always been rosy, indeed! It took me years before I was able to find a routine that really worked and that allowed me to be able to combine work and private life effectively.

 didn’t help

In my freelance life. When you think you’ve UAE Phone Number List found a new balance, in fact, your children’s habits and needs change and this completely overturns all the plans you made . And we have to start all over again.

So, how to organize our freelance day so that we can get everything done, meet deadlines and balance private life and work life in a healthy way?

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Unfortunately, there is no magic formula 

Works effectively for everyone . In fact, your organization depends on many factors: what you do, whether you have clients to manage , your lifestyle, your family situation.

However, there are some best practices Sms List that can be applied in our lives to become more organised, more focused and – consequently – also more productive.

And that means working harder and better in less time. Not a small thing!

In this article, therefore, I want to give you some advice starting from my experience. I hope they inspire you and help you (re) find your balance!


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