Hope Is Another of the Pillars

 But seven centuries later, the first Westerners who arriv on its coasts found a deforest area and only a few hundr settlers who liv in subhuman conditions, fighting for the very few resources that still remain and resorting, when they were not enough, to anthropophagy. Imagining what the person who fell the last tree to use as fuel, or building a canoe or shelter with it, thought is basically posing the problem we are facing: are we really aware of the damage we are doing to the planet? A book like this formulates a negative answer.

Collective Suicide Hope

The world is now becoming a big Easter Island. The concept of shifting baselines (changing reference points) gives the reason for that inertia, for that “blindness in the face of the Apocalypse” (Anders, cit by Welzer, 2010, p. 242). Fac with an unforeseen problem, an anomalous situation or an unprecent threat, an unconscious readjustment of perception takes place (which goes hand in hand business lead with the natural ne to attenuate cognitive dissonances) according to the axes of displacement of the same situation. Aspects such as time elaps, physical and emotional distance, and generational change inadvertently alter the parameters under which a situation is consider normal or abnormal.

Which Is Expressed as a

 As it probably happen on that island in the South Pacific and just as it is happening to us now. The efforts made at the individual level have a ridiculous impact due to the magnitude of the pollution levels generat by large industry; State policies frequently ignore the implementation of measures that could counteract the deterioration of the planet , since this would mean SMS List affecting its economic growth; At the interstate level there are no instances that are able to demand that the nations of the affluent north comply with the measures for environmental conservation that the brand new as well as ineffective development summits establish compliance with.

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