How to make money with Amazon Affiliates

Every time someone clicks on your link and buys that product, the company will record that the sale was made thanks to you and will pay you a commission , which is often a percentage of the sales.There are a number of affiliate programs that you can use, such as Awin , Kartra or Shareasale , just to mention a few notable ones.One of these is precisely Amazon Associates , which is also one of the most used programs in the world thanks to the vast range of products that can be sponsored and which are perfect for all niches, from beauty to yoga, from electronics to books and so on. saying.

According to the latest statistics, in fact

Amazon Associates is the largest affiliate marketing network with over 900,000 active affiliates ( Supermetrics )
Since July 2020, in the midst of the Ukraine Phone Number List pandemic, the number of Amazon affiliates has grown by 150% ( Awin )
Amazon Associates currently owns 44.68% shares of all affiliates ( Datanyze ).
Now that you have more clarity about what an affiliate program is and, more specifically, what the Amazon affiliate program consists of, we can move on to the practical side.

So here’s how to become an Amazon partner and start earning with affiliations.But how to make money with Amazon?

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To make money with Amazon you must

Sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program
Find the products you want to sponsor
Place affiliate links on your blog.
That’s all? Yes, that’s all!

First, then, I recommend having a blog . Through the blog you can in fact convey more effectively people to make the purchase you want them to make.

If you don’t have a blog yet, you can create SMS List one in less than 10 minutes by following this guide . I also recommend that you publish 2 or 3 articles before applying for access to the Amazon affiliate program to show that you are working on your blog.

And now I’ll show you everything in more detail, step by step. Let’s continue!

1. Join the affiliate program
If you want to start earning with Amazon affiliates, the first step you need to do is sign up for the affiliate program .

That’s how:

sign up for the amazon affiliate program


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