How to sell more with Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Influencer Eleonora Baldelli
To date, Amazon’s commissions vary between 1% and 12% based on sponsored products. Here is the table with all the updated commissions.

However, I will update the article if the fees change.

amazon affiliate program commissions
In addition to these commissions, there are also some bonuses called Special Advertising Commissions that you can find on this page and which mainly concern subscriptions to programs such as Amazon Prime , Prime Student or Amazon Music Unlimited .

Amazon special advertising fees

One important thing about commissions : it doesn’t matter if the user doesn’t buy exactly the product they clicked on.

Once they click on your affiliate Israel Phone Number List link, you will receive a commission for all products they purchase within 24 hours (or 90 days if the product was added to the cart).

The benefits of earning with Amazon Affiliates
At this point, I think it’s pretty clear why working with Amazon is particularly beneficial.

But let’s do a quick recap:

phone number list

You can become an affiliate in minutes
It’s super simple to use . Once you have created your affiliate account, simply add your affiliate links on your blog, email or social media to earn a commission from every sale
There are millions of products to choose from, suitable for all audiences
Payments are timely and the minimum payment threshold is low . In fact, you just need to reach just 25 euros in commissions to get your payment directly into your current account. If you do not reach the minimum threshold, the commissions will be added to those of the following month until the €25 is reached.

You can choose whether to be paid by

Bank transfer or with Amazon gift cards
Amazon is a safe and reliable brand: people are always happy to buy from you
The assistance is fast and very willing to help you solve any problem you may encounter
The reports are accurate and detailed SMS List and you can get an overview of the trend of your sales updated in real time
There are no limits on commissions . People who go to Amazon also buy many products at once and this allows you to receive a commission for each product sold
Commissions can also be very high . Think for example of a 10% commission on an item worth €4,460, for example, as in the example below. That’s 446 euros commission for a single sale.
amazon products
Not bad, huh?

When I first started working with Affiliates , and Amazon Affiliates in particular, I was extremely excited.

So I requested affiliation with Amazon, I pulled out all the products that interested me and I carpeted my blog with affiliate links.

Then I sat down in front of Amazon’s reports and the situation was something like this.

poor blog results
But what was I doing wrong?


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