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To Write or Not to Write Some pages perform well in search results despite having incomplete meta description tags such as Wikipia.  A well structur description of the page we want to drive traffic to is like an ad it will increase interest and encourage people to click. While we’re not sure if and how to use our meta tag description it’s worth updating it in the case of pages with specific nes. The statistical length of what length according to has a significant increase in the number of occurrences of descriptions between to characters. What’s more important is the shorter meta tag description that is truncat within about 2 characters and in most cases refers to video clips where the text gives way to the video’s thumbnail.

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Shorter descriptions are those that have been prun in the code by experts or refer to pages with longer descriptions that cannot be download. The statistical description of progress concludes that the currently display maximum number of characters in a meta description tag can even be. Let’s remember that Google. with its characteristic mystique. only Bangladesh Mobile Database partially confirm the describ expansion and provid no details. So if you think longer descriptions will benefit your website and increase clicks. you can try increasing their length. Did you know that according to the analysis of characters is consider a safe length for extend descriptions.

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Of this length should not be truncat when displaying search results. How to write them The rules for writing them have not chang except for longer meta description tags. Search uses the meta description provid in the page’s code but if it nes more information or context to better respond to the query it will grab a content snippet from the page and display it in the description. If you want to independently prepare updat descriptions bas on new Sms List suggestions. remember to adapt them to the user’s potential query as much as possible. When writing content for meta description tags focus on using keywords naturally and not spamming.


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