I am trying to proactively manage

I am trying to The root cause of stress is avoiding responsibility through work.  Occupational Health and my GP. my current poor health and absences are due to stress and anxiety caus by the work situation. It is a refusal to make reasonable adjustments and then a painful refusal to accept responsibility or even acknowlge the consequences of doing so. Which is ironic. considering that’s exactly what cutting hours is suppos to solve. Now. in addition to my initial request for ruc hours. Occupational Health has suggest further adjustments. This makes things more complicat. Work goes out of its way to do nothing about these things and to avoid blame.

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So instead of helping. they deliberately worsen my Greece Mobile Database physical and mental health.  very difficult to reconcile. By asking for slightly ruc hours.  my health for my benefit and that of my employer. It wasn’t because I was lazy. difficult. want special treatment. or couldn’t do my job. as my employer suggest. Their duties to protect employee health and promote equality should also be prictive. If employers are serious about disability and mental health initiatives. they must adopt more than lip service policies. This also nes to be reflect in practice. Reprint with permission. originally publish on American Mental Health Daily Tracker and Magazine UK Mental Health Daily Tracker and Magazine Share this.

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