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Worries and feelings. and even be able to accept the things that bring me down.  again and I had to figure something out. Reprint with permission. originally publish in US Mental Health Daily Tracker and UK Mental Health Daily Tracker and Magazine UK Bookstore. Mental Health Daily Tracker and Mental Health Daily Tracker Shar with Sterling Magazine Available. Ok. so this might not be what you think my normal blog post is about But this time I want to do something different. Kind of like a letter to you (hence the title) that.

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I might unknowingly be upset or offend by Hong-Kong Mobile Database whoever reads it. but that’s because of my anxiety. because of the way it makes me feel or behave sometimes. So this is a letter to you Please rest assur. I struggle every day. it makes me tir and gets stress and emotional easily. but I always do my best. sometimes too much. Honey. do you still remember that time when I ow you and quarrel with you for no reason. did you still call me bad temper. I didn’t mean to be like you. My anxiety was draining me. the circumstances of the day had push me to the limit. and I really didn’t want to talk to anyone. Unfortunately. it’s unusual for me that you get depress because of the anxiety. I’m sorry for the way my anxiety sometimes leads me to behave.

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Saying I didn’t mean to

Remember that time I ignor you at work. to Sms List devote my last limit attention to work. Anxiety robs me of motivation and affects my focus. Some days are really bad. but others pass without any anxiety. or just background anxiety. and I can’t prict what I’m going to be like on a given day until I wake up. Remember when you ask me why I was upset at work center and I came up with a lie and a bullshit excuse. I don’t think you’ll understand. and I don’t think you’d want to be bother by me a billion times. Anxiety always makes me feel guilty.

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