In addition to being specific and measurable

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But let’s go ahead and find out more in detail how to set SMART goals .S: Specific – specific
specific blog goals
The first characteristic that the goals of your blog must have is specificity . If goals are vague, it’s harder to measure them and therefore track your growth.Therefore, if you want to increase traffic , acquire new customers or make money with your blog , it is therefore important to specifically define the “how much” .

Here are some examples of how to make your goals specific

Here are a few more examples of goals you can specifically define:

Increase newsletter subscribers
Increase the number of guest Cyprus Phone Number List posts published
Grow on social media
Improve your SEO strategy
Increase backlinks to your blog
Increase the domain authority of your site.
M: Measurable – measurable
Measurable goals
Another key feature that a SMART goal must have is that it is measurable . It’s kind of what we said in the previous paragraph, when we talked about specificity.

If your goal is vague, it can’t be measurable . And if it’s not measurable, we can’t actually know how much we’re growing.

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If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it

(Peter Drucker)

But how can we track the growth (or decline) of our project?

There are tons of tools , both free and paid, to do this. The ones I use every day to analyze and optimize the metrics of my projects are:

Google Analytics , through which you can monitor all the main metrics of your website, such as the number of visitors, traffic sources, browser used, conversions and much more
Google Search Console (and the new Search Console Insight ), through which you can make a more detailed analysis of your content
Semrush , my favorite tool. Not only does SMS List it keep track of all the activities but it helps you optimize your work and give the right boost to your project. To learn more about this tool, read my guide on Semrush
SeoZoom , a valid alternative to Semrush, I mainly use it to compare data
Email marketing tools , like ActiveCampaign or GetResponse , that help you keep track of your subscribers and the performance of all your email marketing campaigns.
A: A chievable – achievable
Achievable blog goals
Your goals should always be achievable as well .

Since I was 6 years old, one of my main life goals was to one day move to Mars. But guess what? Growing up I realized that it was a dream, not a goal.

(Yes, I’m still heartbroken about this realization.


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