In the long run it may happen that the mind becomes

If they’re only optimized for Google, they’ll rank well but readers will jump right in and out.The good news is that in recent times, Google is conforming (but only in theory, in my opinion) to the interests of readers . But it is always good to try to please the search engine as well.In order to be able to write articles that are optimized for both people and machines, however, there are some SEO Copywriting techniques that you can learn and apply to your texts.

This way everyone will be happy, including you

Choose your environment carefully to unleash your creativity
unleash your creativity
In fact, the mind is very habitual .

Have you ever heard that to fight insomnia, you have to associate your bed only with sleep? In fact, if you use the bed to eat, study or watch Argentina Phone Number List a movie, it is possible that the mind associates the bed with an activity in which we have to stay awake. And as a result, you have a harder time falling asleep.

We can use the same mechanism for writing. If you have a space dedicated only to writing, you can make your brain associate that space with a time when it needs to unleash creativity.

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But there is a flip side


In this case, I recommend that you start writing in different places . This can give an incredible boost to your creativity.

You can choose a bar, a co-working space, a SMS List park bench, the train… the important thing is to feel comfortable in that place.

Personally, I have a list of must haves when I need to rediscover my creativity. My choice therefore falls 99% of the time on an Airbnb apartment. Where I can find what is essential for me: solitude. A beautiful home, a fireplace in winter and a beautiful view from the window.


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