Just asking someone if they’re

Just asking Ne to apologize for something I shouldn’t. Like anything. this seems stupid. Remember when I was stupid and text you. sorry. I really didn’t think it through and my judgment was completely lost. I put myself in a state of panic. I can trust you. but I don’t want to upset anyone. Remember how I avoid myself or didn’t make eye contact with you. I’m really struggling and glad you ask me if I was ok and didn’t pass judgment. Remember when I was sad later that day and you thought you offend me. You don’t know. I’m just very.

I shouldn’t bother you with

Anxious and may actually be having an anxiety Hungary Mobile Database attack. my anxiety because of my anxiety. I just want some level of understanding of what I was going through and that was mostly what you gave me. I know I’m a jerk sometimes. even though I’m anxious. Thank you for being a partner. a normal human being (whatever that is!!). Please know that I appreciate your help and efforts. I’m not writing this to be sinister or stupid. but to jot down thoughts and feelings that I may or may not have had the opportunity to say. or have the courage to say so to my face. For you. my friend. you may not think that you have done anything meaningful to help you. but you have. Yes. I do have a soft ass! I hope everyone cares at least a little bit as much.

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I never want to be treat differently

As you do. and the world will be a better place.  okay Sms List can help them open up and get help. It doesn’t take much. Sometimes. anxiety can make me appear ignorant. I have a hard time making nonchalant eye contact and sometimes I have a hard time paying attention. Anxiety is also exhausting. In many cases. it is not you who are anxious. but my dear friend. If someone puts my foot in my shoes for a minute. they understand how difficult and frustrating it is. Rest assur. I struggle every day. it makes me tir. prone to stress and emotions. but I always do my best. sometimes too much. Reprint with permission. originally.

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