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Evaporation of dreams happens every day, so I’m not surprised that you didn’t notice that sound… …but to prevent this from happening to you and *your* blog, I want to share one secret with you: Nice pictures, beautiful font or grammatically perfect texts are not the most important features of a successful blog, even though it might seem like it at first. Bloggers often focus on small things: How do I get the blog platform working? How to schedule posts to groups on Facebook? How should posts be shared on Facebook? Even if you have really nice pictures, perfect SEO skills and  posts for groups, this is not enough for a successful blog. These tools are good and important, but their potential is revealed only when the blogger really has the skills to make the blog successful.

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 And SEO optimization alone does not cause it. Even if you know how to pick up a hammer and hammer special data a nail with it doesn’t make you capable of building a house. It’s still a long way to success. And Hootsuite or SEO optimization, or even managing the Blogger platform (which by the way I do not recommend to any blogger who wants to build a successful blog)  will not give you advice on how to become a successful blogger. These different parts are just small pieces in a big puzzle.  make your blog successful. That’s why I recommend that you first think about a strategy for how success, whatever it means to you (a lot of readers, financial benefit, the opportunity to influence, tell about your own life and get to present other people’s products…) is achieved. Sure, you can *try* to strategize yourself. You can look at what other bloggers are doing and try to copy their work.

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The problem with this is that you can never know how the SMS List blogger actually got into that situation. And is the blogger really successful? Of course, the number of followers can be determined through social media channels, but do you know for sure, for example, if the blogger only gets free sample goods or if he is actually paid for writing? You can ask advice from other bloggers and hope that someone in their goodness will open their own strategy to you so that you can copy it. But somehow I think that a successful blogger doesn’t want to tell you his own secrets so that you don’t usurp his place in the blogging world. The fastest, and usually the best, way to learn something is to be taught But there are no schools for blogging. And especially schools whose teachers have a) built successful blogs themselves b) coached several hundred bloggers whose blogs are successful. I have done both of these myself.

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