My very personal rule regarding the length

In this article we will see together why establishing the length of an article is so important and we will analyze which content is more appreciated by Google and by readers, whether long articles or short articles.We will also look at what factors contribute to the ranking of an article when it comes to length and thus definitively answer the fundamental question of life, the universe and how long a blog post should be .

SPOILER: the answer is not 42

Ready to dive into this new adventure between SEO and blogging? Then let’s dive in!

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Rank Math even recommends not going below 600 words, for exactly the same reason.

Rankmath minimum recommended article length

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How long should a blog post be

Blog articles is very simple: it must be long enough to respond to the search intent (or search intent ).

Put simply: you have to say everything My very personal there is to say on a certain topic , without being too synthetic but without even lengthening the broth unnecessarily.

Longer articles generally tend to return the SMS List best results in terms of placement and engagement, but this certainly does not mean that all your content must be over 2,000 words.

It also depends a lot on the topic covered and the niche you are targeting.


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