Once you’ve placed your affiliate links inside your blog

Let’s go back to our air fryer. To insert a text link, simply go to the editor of an article, write the anchor text, click on the link icon and paste your link. insert amazon affiliate link in wordpress
What if instead I want to insert the box with the image, as we did before?In this case, you have to go to SiteStripe, click on Text + Image and copy the code.To paste it, go to the WordPress editor and click the “Text” tab. Now the editor will show you the HTML code . Paste your code here now. Switch back to “Visual” and lo and behold the image has appeared!

Embed Amazon code in WordPress

But that’s not all because you can also share your affiliate link on social networks and via email marketing so as to potentially increase your sales as well.

That’s All Folks!

Is not it fantastic?

Come on, admit it. For now Honduras Phone Number List nothing too complicated . How about we move on?

And what do I ask you to do! Let’s go!

Monitor the results obtained
You can’t think of parking them there and bye.

You have to monitor and Once you’ve optimize them . See what works and what doesn’t. You have to push what sells and eliminate what doesn’t bring results.

And to do that, Amazon Associates offers a fantastic reporting dashboard where you can monitor all your results: clicks, sales, commissions, returns. Everything.

earnings amazon
Through this dashboard you can get all the information you need and if you want you can also download all the reports, so as to constantly analyze and optimize your work.

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In particular, I advise you to monitor and optimize

the type of link (text or visual)
the anchor text
the positioning of the link (at the SMS List beginning, in the middle or at the end of the article).
Before you start Once you’ve optimizing, however, allow a few months to pass so that you have more data to work with.

And don’t forget to promote your blog articles that contain your affiliate links in order to increase traffic and – potentially – even sales.


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