One way that helps a lot to prioritize goals is the Eisenhower

First, our ability to focus and energy is limited and wanes throughout the day. If we expend our peak energy doing smaller tasks, we will have low energy and low concentration to do more difficult tasks later.And it can lead us to do the job poorly or worse, to put it off .Some studies have shown that productivity drops by more than 25% when we work more than 50 hours a week. This means that the hours we work beyond the first 50 are practically wasted hours.

And this also affects the following week

When we start with energy and productivity not yet fully recharged , leading you to work harder to recover and ending up in a hamster wheel from which it will be very difficult to get off.

And the risks of burnout skyrocket.


Plus, completing the most complex tasks first means you’re likely to complete them too , and this creates a positive frame of mind that boosts motivation and productivity.

Prioritize your tasks

Each task is different from the other. It is Brazil Phone Number List always important to focus not on all tasks without distinction but only on those that bring an effective result .

Matrix that guides you in choosing goals:

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  • important and non-urgent , to plan
  • urgent and not important , to be delegated
  • unimportant and non-urgent , which you can safely delete.

Here is the matrix, taken directly from Blog Academy , which you can download and use to organize your activities.

But the agenda is not everything to always stay focused and productive. There are also other elements to evaluate such as your workstation.

The workplace

If we decide to work from home , the Sms List ideal thing would be to have a room exclusively dedicated to our work , such as a small studio for example.

Of course, not everyone has this option. In this case, it’s fine to set up any corner of the house , the important thing is to do it with the intention of creating a small studio corner and not a junk + computer corner.


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