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Our positioning As part of our strategy we develop a number of on and off site activities.  Carri out an in-depth analysis of the code bas on algorithms and then work with the copywriting team to focus on optimizing the website and providing valuable content for its extension and users. A technical optimization has also been carri out on select elements of the website with the aim of adapting the website to the requirements of the website and improving its operation. Our off-site activities include analyzing link profiles and then naturalizing them by posting valuable links.

We also publish many links

To build website themes and add entries to trust paid directories. Due to the nature of the environment and resulting algorithmic changes we continually analyze the content of the website and recommend appropriate changes on a regular basis. Results One thousand phrases tripl visibility Regular optimization efforts complement by off-site campaigns Not only Czech-Republic Mobile Database will it continually increase the number of keywords for which the client’s website is display but it will also improve its position in the organic search results for all of these queries. After the first month of targeting campaigns. the client’s website has appear in the top names for queries.

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This number gradually increases

Each subsequent month. Our average rank for all keyphrases that a client’s website is visible in is . It is worth noting that the number of different queries as many as 10 key phrases display on the client’s website has increas our visibility. The above significant increase in visibility is also perfectly reflect in the continuous increase in page views. After the first Sms List month of work we record recent viewings. After four months of running the campaign. we generat more than 1.000 views. and 1.200.000 recent views. This means that after eight months of intensive campaigns by our team. the results have improv ie higher than client expectations.


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