Paper agenda or virtual agenda

Personally, I don’t recommend volatile stuff like post-its because – and I’m telling you from experience since I’m a stickler for post-its! – in a couple of days you find yourself like this:

You have a million choices: from creating mind maps to define the big picture to daily calendars for managing daily tasks .

Personally I use Todoist , a digital calendar that can be integrated with Google Calendar and that allows me to keep track of all the tasks to be completed divided by project. But you also have other choices such as:

… and so on.

Digital diaries obviously have several advantages

  • you can assign tasks to other people on your team
  • you can access the agenda from any device
  • you can sort tasks alphabetically, by due date or by priority
  • they have reminders
  • you can edit them easier.

Some people are better off with paper though .

So don’t limit yourself to your first UK Phone Number List choice. Try different planners , both digital and paper, and find the one that works best for you.

Create an effective to-do list

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Now the bad news : taking an agenda and pulling down a list of random activities (as I did until recently ) is not enough.

In fact, you need to create an effective to-do-list .

An effective to-do-list, in fact, is not a Sms List simple list of things to do but a list of activities designed to achieve a given goal.

Let’s take an example.

Let’s say you want to set goals for your blog , and you’ve come up with a certain yearly goal. To achieve it, you’ll need to break this goal down into smaller , say monthly goals and then further break down the monthly goals into daily tasks.


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