Sun Media reinforces its leadership in audience with 31.5 million users

SunMedia , theSpanish Adtech specialized in video. Native and performance. Reinforces its leadership in audience with 31.5 million unique visitors in Spain. According to the latest data from GfK DAM. Corresponding to the monthly period of October. Therefore, this means that the advertising launched by SunMedia is seen by 80.35% of the total audience on the Internet. Data that places it as the first digital advertising platform. And the third company with the greatest reac. Therefore, great alliances with the most prominent publishing groups. Television groups and specialized vertical sites. Thus obtaining the greatest reach and the most qualified audience in each of the categories ( News, Automotive, Lifestyle, Fashion, Sports) .

The combination of innovation

Creativity makes it possible for SunMedia’s video formats to contribute very positively to brand KPIs. Generating a recall 3 times greater category email list than social media formats. Likewise, they increase positioning. Recommendation and purchase intention by up to 8 pp ., according to the study carried out by SunMedia and Nielsen. “These GfK audience data are the true reflection of our leadership and positioning,” explains Fernando García, CEO of SunMedia . “We are experts in capturing their attention through our technological.

Creative and innovative expertise

Helping our clients meet their objectives. campaigns or advertisers are tied in the ranking. In terms of number of points. They will occupy the SMS List same position in the ranking. If two agencies are, for example, tied on points in fifth place. The sixth place will be omitted and the next agency will be placed in seventh place. If instead of two, there are three agencies tied for fifth place. Positions 6 and 7 will disappear and the next agency will occupy eighth place. The mechanics when assigning positions in the ranking will be governed. Identical criteria if ties occur between more than three agencies (or, failing that, advertisers or campaigns).

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