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While walking on black ice. no more and no less. There are many things I can do to stop it. it will come. It’s not a hypothetical scenario I’ve consider. but it is what it is. It’s unpleasant. it’s confusing. it’s painful. it’s weird. it’s overwhelming. but I’m still here.  life’s adversities than I think. I guess anxiety or not. there’s always something you’re not ready to pounce on. One thing I’ve learn from my experience so far is that it’s okay to be scar and confus and not always know your next step (in this case. literally). As Hagrid once said in a famous saying. what should come will always come. and what should come will be greet by us. Reprint with permission.

Maybe I’m better at dealing with

Originally publish on US Mental Health El-Salvador Mobile Database Daily Mental Health Daily Tracker and Magazine Share this. I just recently shar this with my new (community psychiatric nurse) appointment. which is My seventh appointment in five years. I wait eight months. Just had a baby and suffer from postpartum depression for the second time despite being vulnerable. Regardless. I decid to believe it. But unfortunately. this short meeting was full of hope. Promis that things would change. they had no idea why they didn’t contact me and were forc to apologize for why they were no longer providing the services I ne. Sometimes I just want to scream.

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That’s what it’s like to be knock down by Sms List the mental health. The feeling of being let down by the mental health system. I guess the positive thing about this situation is that I won’t stop telling my story. I will keep fighting until I see a change. I will see change. When we first notic. I was very ill when I first enter the mental health system. so the lack of care didn’t bother me too much. I guess I don’t notice most of the time. But as I start to get better and really want to get better. I start noticing that. like my close family. the system suck and fail me and so many others time and time again. The horror of the hospital that day.

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