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sources of hope is the figure of this vocational school teacher, Dwi Krisnandi. “Pak Dwi” – that’s how 180 of his students greeted him – really loves his profession as an educator. “Indeed, even from college, I have had a hobby of teaching my friends who are having difficulties,” said Dwi. Since 2015, as an honorary teacher, Dwi has tasted the acid and salt of the programming teaching profession. There are many challenges and also sweet fruit. What are they? Let’s take a look. Challenges of Being a Teacher Dwi teaches at SMKN 1 Tirtajaya in Karawang, West Java province. Initially he taught in the Computer and Network Engineering Skills Competency (TKJ) but since 2019 he has taught in the Software Engineering Skills Competency (RPL). Six (6) years as an educator, what has been the toughest challenge for him? “The challenge for teaching programming for us in coastal areas is weak internet access .

Also digital competency for teachers

 We need. With reskilling like what Dicoding often does, we become better prepared to teach. ( Dwi) Re-skilling/training for new skills in the field of programming is not a request from Mr. Dwi alone, but from programming teachers in Indonesia as a whole. The reason is, technology is moving so fast that educators need a leap in enriching human resources. For example, currently whatsapp number list school teachers need training in the field of Android programming using the Kotlin language. To start taking steps in that direction, Dwi is active in Dicoding. He is a Dicoding Academy graduate and also an IDCamp scholarship winner who has completed 8 classes. It doesn’t stop there, to help explain the material to students, he also makes his own video tutorials on his YouTube channel, such as MySQL and Java. As a result, students become more enthusiastic

Dwi has been an active member of Dicoding

 About learning! programming teacher since May 2020 Dedication to Becoming a Teacher In his daily life, Pak Dwi also works as a part-time entrepreneur. “The good thing about being a teacher is that you can have time for things outside of school hours,” he said. At school, this graduate of the Bina Sarana SMS List nformatika (BSI) campus, Bandung, can be proud. Two (2) batches of students have successfully achieved professional certification according to the Ministry of Manpower’s criteria. Indeed, the thing that makes him happiest is seeing his students succeed in achieving their dreams. To them, this friendly teacher always said: “If possible, focus on just 1 (one) programming language until you are really expert. Don’t want it all, you’ll have to bear it later. 

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