The article develops following a perfect logical thread

Organize the content into shorter texts
Organize the content into small texts
Think about having to write a piece of content about how to overcome writer’s block, just like this one you’re reading. As you can see there really is a lot to tell. It is obvious that thinking of writing thousands of words on a certain topic is scary .

But what if instead we think of a text of thousands of words as many small shorter texts ? So the job doesn’t seem so complex anymore.

But how to organize the contents

My advice is to use the inverted pyramid (or inverted pyramid), a device widely used in the world of journalism, where the most important contents are presented first and then go slowly into the details.

For example, look at this inverted pyramid Netherlands Mobile Number List related to an article on feeding guinea pigs that we analyzed in one of the Blog Academy lessons .

Inverted Pyramid Blog Academy
When you write a blog article, therefore, in the upper part of the article you should always respond to the search intent of your users, and then provide increasingly specific information in the text.

Once you have created the preliminary structure of your text, you just need to go and write the micro-topics you have intercepted in the paragraphs. Much simpler and creative block-proof!

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Don’t start from the beginning

start from the end
When you’re about to write, it’s not a rule to start writing in order , i.e. from start to finish. An example for all: when I write my content, the last Sms List thing I write is usually the introduction.

If you feel more inspired by a central paragraph or maybe the conclusion, start there! Indeed, sometimes starting from the conclusions helps to clarify the objectives we want to achieve with our article.


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