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The Better Until It is therefore worth paying attention to the achievements of this continuously learning system. Source Blog Meta Tag Description The More the standard was that meta description tags should not exce 4 characters. Inde a google rep said the character limit for descriptions never work But most descriptions longer than 2 characters don’t fit at all and the description gets cut off in the middle of the sentence. Therefore in order to create a more user-friendly and clickable description it is recommend not to exce 2 characters. However over time we’ve notic that the description meta tag has become significantly longer. Here is an example search result for the query Source: Google The longest meta description tag in this example is characters long.

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The entire front name has less than one character. The rest are hovering left and right. Early last year Google confirm it had made changes to allow for longer and more descriptive meta description tags. Purpose Helps users determine which pages in Bahrain Mobile Database search results are more relevant to a query enter into a search engine. You can also notice in the screenshot above that the description still stops mid-sentence. This is because in most cases they are dynamically generat bas on the content available on the website and the user’s queries.

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It nes to generate a different description for a given query it will fetch the content from the page. Also in the case of a description of about characters a truncat sentence will not offend the user as in the case of a description of up to the most recently us characters. Longer descriptions make users more likely to evaluate whether a given page is worth visiting. Now that Google can generate it automatically the question arises does it make sense to update the Sms List meta description tag and the answer is unclear. Analysis carri out by experts has shown that Google not only downloads the description itself but shortens it or adds data to it. modifies it. Analytics search results for us all or part of the original description meta tag.


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