The Content Marketer’s Guide to Performance Reviews

Employee performance reviews have been used in companies for decades. For employees, these reviews are an opportunity to get feedback on their work and even a raise. For managers, reviews are an important management and leadership tool. The problem is nobody really likes performance reviews. They’re stressful, awkward, and ineffective (according to some). Yet it seems they are necessary. So how should managers go about performance reviews in The Content their content marketing teams? Read on to learn some basic theories and see the insights that some marketing managers shared with us.

A common misconception

About performance reviews is that they are meant to benefit only the businesses or managers and not the employees. However, properly conducted reviews (in any form) can executive email list offer an immediate lift for all “sides.” For businesses (and managers conducting the reviews), performance reviews are a tool for optimizing the performance of staff, strengthening leadership, creating a better alignment with the strategy, and understanding the perspectives of employees. For employees, reviews are a way to get an overview of their strengths and weaknesses and progress. During reviews, employees can also voice criticisms, discuss career opportunities with managers, or get a raise.

The Content performance reviews

A performance review, in general, is a multi-layered phenomenon, such as the obvious business performance side of things, different management theories, company policies, HR and, of course, the SMS List psychological aspect of giving and receiving a performance review in a modern workplace. In the past, when businesses tried to prioritize some aspects over others or balance them, new types of performance reviews emerged. These days, it seems there is no consensus for a single, right way to do a performance review. Each way has its advantages and disadvantages. If you’re interested in how performance reviews evolved, see this timeline. Among all of the alternatives, here are the types of performance reviews that seem to be most relevant to evaluating the work of content marketers.

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