The important thing is that your images 

We have seen many sites where we can download free images for our blog.
But more specifically, what types of images can we insert in our articles?
As I explained in more detail in a Blog Academy lesson , it is not only the photographs that are interesting but there are numerous types of content that you can insert in your articles, such as:
GIF graphics

Consistent with the text

Attractive and high quality.
ATTENTION . Never use images that you find on Google – or more generally on the Internet – for your blog. In fact, they could be covered by copyright and you could incur the infringement of intellectual property rights which could also lead to a claim for damages.
Final thoughts
Images are very important for a blog . They are processed easier and faster than a text and remain in the mind for longer.
In an article, they also offer small breaks for your readers , making reading easier and smoother. Beautiful images placed in the dots then Italy Phone Number List prompt the reader to continue reading your content.
Then add the right images in the right places of your article and you will see that your readers will be even more attentive, interested and involved . And this will not only help you retain your audience but also better position your articles on search engines.

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Raise your hand who has never had writer’s block in their life

If many people have never dwelt too long on this problem, for us bloggers and web writers it can instead prove to be a real tragedy .

The blog that doesn’t grow , the customers Sms List who don’t receive their articles on time, that book we’ve wanted to write for a long time is always there, in a computer folder gathering dust.

If then we also put in a good dose of procrastination , a pinch of perfectionism too many – other often common characteristics of those who earn a living writing – while the deadlines approach like vultures over our heads … here is where the existential crisis appears.


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