The storm of freedom dissipates

Broken. but I threw the hammer into the shelter with a snap.  waved the hut again and a crack appeared in the wall. I swing again and the wall caves in.  refused to stop pounding on the shelter until it mimicked the rest of the rubble on the ground. Soon the roof collapsed and I was still smashing it to pieces. I rocked until the house and the cabin were the same thing. ash and dust. Kneeling in the rubble. surrounded All I could do was kneel in the rubble. Blood dripped from my knees and rain fell from the dark sky. Slowly. the floodwaters on the cliff rose.

Bricks shattered on impact

The wind grew stronger as it swirled around me.  against each other. Rocks cascaded from the cliff’s edge. some larger than others. and they were swallowed Egypt Mobile Database by the hungry waves below. The platform on which I kneel is slowly narrowing. Now the wind is blowing. Debris is picked up and thrown into the vortex. The splinters started tearing through my flesh. the rocks bruised me. I do not care. The cold raindrops chill my soul. I won’t flinch. Thunder struck my eardrums. I never hold back. The wind never dies. nor does the wreckage avoid me in its dance. The cliff continued to crumble. The rain is relentless; the cloud engulfs the sky.

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Debris and pebbles swirling gently

Lightning and thunder all around. further Sms List blood on the knees. thunder roars. wind howls. rain splashes. rocks crack. and then nothing. and the fragments show regret. The rain stopped and the storm calmed down. The cliff no longer crumbled. and the waves below calmed down. After coming out of the shelter. came the moment of calm. Dark clouds engulfed the entire sky. and the sun seemed to replace the gray. Worry no more. The storm can’t hurt me anymore. Disasters no longer affect me. I am free. For the first time. the tide receded without warning. In the United States. a tsunami hit me and one thing has been on my mind. In order to hide his identity. he has been.

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