The tax regime must therefore be chosen

On the basis of personal conditions and how one wishes to organize one’s business.To help you in this choice, I have created a test that allows you to understand which regimen is more convenient based on your specific case.It’s clearly not 100% perfect as a personalized consultation, but it’s already a good indicator.


VAT number and contributions
VAT number and contributions
Anyone who carries out their own business (none excluded!) is required to pay INPS contributions .

When you open the VAT Cameroon Phone Number List number, therefore, you are required to pay the contributions.

Now you are probably wondering: “Yes, but how much do I have to pay?”

Again, it depends on the type of business you run .

Let us consider two of the most common cases:

phone number list

Sale of infoproducts and affiliate marketing
Consulting sales.
Let’s look at both of these situations in detail to understand how many contributions you will have to pay.

INPS contributions for infoproducts and affiliate marketing

Inps contributions
If you have a blog and are thinking of selling infoproducts or decide to monetize through affiliate marketing, you need to know that the contributions to be paid are those of the INPS merchant management .

There are currently two types of social security contributions:

fixed contributions
Percentage contributions.
Let’s go into more detail and find out what the difference is between these two contributions.

fixed contributions
The very name of the ” fixed SMS List contributions ” is already explanatory in itself: it means in fact that you always have to pay them, regardless of how much you earn .

In 2021 the fixed contributions for traders amount to €3,850 .

I already know, at this point, what your next question is:

“But if I only earn €1,000 am I still obliged to pay more than €3,800 in contributions? Are you sure?!

Unfortunately yes, I’m sure.

And honestly, it doesn’t seem like the best way to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business… but sadly, that’s the law .

When you pay the fixed contributions
The payment of the fixed contributions must be made in 4 installments by.



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