The truth is that the tax authorities

If your annual revenues are less than 5,000 euros it does not mean that you do not have to comply with the tax authorities.
So what are the parameters to consider to understand if it is necessary to open the VAT number?In reality, it all depends on the way you run your business, based on two aspects:

habituality _
the continuity .

To help you, I can tell you that

In this case, the VAT number becomes mandatory . Otherwise it can be avoided.

And this is where the professional advice of the serious and well-prepared accountant comes into play, who, on the basis of individual cases, knows how to direct his clients so as not to make mistakes which can also be very costly (heavy fines are always around the corner, unfortunately ).

How to open the VAT number if you Bahrain Phone Numbers List have a blog
How to open the VAT number if you have a blog
If you have decided to make the leap in quality and transform your blog into a real business , then you need to register for VAT .

Opening the VAT number in itself is an extremely simple and economical fulfillment: in fact, you just need to fill in a form and you’re done .

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The problem, however, is represented by

These are rather complex choices which, if not done correctly, can in many cases compromise your business .

I am referring in particular to:

choice of the ATECO code
choice of tax regime
choice of legal form etc.
Percentage contributions
With this table you can get an idea of ​​how much they amount.

From €15,953 up to €47,379 24.09%
In addition to €47,379 25.09%
As you can see, if you are a blogger and your income exceeds €15,953 , you will have to pay a contribution of 24.09% on the extra part of the income only.

And in the event that your income exceeds the threshold of €47,379, the percentage rises to 25.09%


Example no. 1
Federico has had a blog since 2017. Since SMS List January 2021 he has decided to sell infoproducts on his blog. He then opened the VAT number and registered with INPS traders.

His income at the end of the year amounts to €12,500

Federico, will simply have to pay the 4 fixed contributions for a total of €3,850, given that his income is less than €15,953.



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