There are many steps you can take to make your workspace

Indeed , according to the American Psychological Association (APA) , many psychologists argue that writer’s block doesn’t really exist .

Psychologist Steven Pritzker , co-editor of “The Encyclopedia of Creativity” (2011) and former TV show writer told the APA that in reality it would just be ” an artificial construct that basically justifies a discipline problem .”

This means that what we really have is not really something called “writer’s block” but a condition dictated by a series of negative attitudes and unsuccessful routines .

And so there are two ways to overcome the problem

Work on the causes that lead us to fear the blank sheet, such as perfectionism, procrastination and our fantastic unrealistic expectations
Never call this block by the name “writer’s block”.
Again in the field of APA research, in fact, Professor Paul Silvi said that “giving something a name gives it power ”.

So, first rule of writer’s block: never New Zealand Mobile Number List talk about writer’s block .

2. Enhance your workspace (and eliminate distractions)
improve workspace
When we work at home, we don’t always have a space reserved for our work . In fact, sometimes we find ourselves working on the kitchen table, on the sofa or on an improvised desk which, however, does not have the ability to catapult our mind into the working mood .

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The best solution would be to have a room

The house exclusively used as a study . However, not everyone has this opportunity. In this case, then it’s also good to organize a space where we can dedicate ourselves to our projects.

even more productive

buy a comfortable chair
illuminates the workspace well so as not to strain the eyes and feel the impending tiredness
organize your space to keep everything in order
add shelves and decorative elements
make sure that there is always a pleasant temperature, not too cold and not too hot.
But the real advice I would like to give you is to personalize it .

The more comfortable you feel and the more you feel that space is really yours, the more creativity will flow fluidly , helping you write better and better content .

3. Take a walk or… a shower!
take a shower to get rid of writer’s block
That the best ideas always come when we’re in the shower isn’t just a saying.

Did you notice? How many times have you racked your brain to solve a problem and then in the shower SBAM! Here is the flash of genius.

Or maybe you can think of the perfect sentence Sms List that you could have answered that time. You have even found the meaning of life. Or maybe you found out where Carmen Sandiego has gone.

All of this happens in the shower all the time .

But what’s so magical about the shower? In reality, the answer is simpler than one imagines.

In fact, some research has shown that doing something monotonous, something you do “without thinking about it”, activates automatic pilot in the brain . And that frees your unconscious to work on something else, in the background, without you even realizing it.


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