There are tons of email marketing services

For years it has been repeated like a mantra that ” The money is in the list ” . And this sentence is still damn true.If today I was forced to choose whether to keep my blog open and lose my contact list completely or keep my contact list and destroy my blog, well, I would definitely choose to keep my list . But I would still cry a lot if I had to lose the contents written on this blog, I admit it

In fact, think that about 80% of the revenue

Email marketing is essential for a blog because it is a direct channel between you and your readers

But what are the best email marketing tools?

ESP) out there . The best in my Argentina WhatsApp Number List opinion in order of functionality / price are:

Email marketing is still a very powerful tool that allows you not only to generate income with your blog but also to create a close-knit community around your content and establish stable and lasting relationships with your audience.

If you don’t have a contact list yet, stop everything you’re doing and create one instantly!

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Not having a monetization strategy

monetization strategy
Some time ago I received an email that made me smile.

It more or less said:

I created a blog and wrote about ten articles. When will I start seeing the first earnings?

To which I replied that it depends, not all blogs are created equal, and asked what monetization methods he was using.

The answer? No monetization method, I thought I was getting paid for writing articles on my blog.

Er… no, it doesn’t quite work like SMS List that. Unless you decide you want to make money writing articles for someone else, then yes, you can make money that way.

Otherwise you have to think and plan a monetization strategy. There are several ways to make money with a blog , from affiliations to selling products and services. But you can’t expect people to read an article and poof! Sale done .

It takes a strategy – and above all an effective strategy just as I explain in detail in Blog Academy.



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