There is a clear gap between work and private life

Think of all the professional figures who work in a company. Here, in the case of freelancers, all those figures are concentrated in one person : you. You are your boss who gives you tasks to do but you are also your employee who carries them out.Then you have to think about all the administrative and financial aspects , about the growth of the project, about finding customers and following them up.You have to find new collaborators and therefore also deal with the search for personnel, possibly train them, follow them.

And if you work at home

So, do freelancers have a lot of free time? Depends.

It depends on how they manage There is a clear their time , how many projects and clients they are following, if they are delegating some activities or if they are playing the one-man-band.

The truth is that freelancers Bahamas Whatsapp Number List don’t have much free time but unlike their fellow employees, they can choose when to take a break .

An example. A few days ago I was working on a new blog post. It was a beautiful sunny day and I decided to unplug everything and take my kids to the pool.

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After dinner, I put the kids to bed

On the other hand, there is also There is a clear a monster that is always lurking: that of never disconnecting.

I’ll explain.

An employee enters the office – or SMS List where he works – at a certain time. When he ends his working hours, he goes out and goes home. And he can use all his free time as he pleases.


When you work at home, this line tends to blur.

This means that it is often very difficult to completely disconnect from work and we often find ourselves working.


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