There is no favorable wind for the sailor

I then started googling how to start a blog. I read some guides, bought domain, hosting , Elementor , installed some plugins and started writing articles one after another.Then I sat down to wait and the result was something like this :desert
The more I committed myself to churning out content, the less results I got.No traffic, no conversions, no revenue.

I was really starting to let me down

This was because all the guides I had found on the web focused on buy here, write there but none explained how to get practical results .

And one of the most effective ways to achieve results with your blog is precisely to define a marketing strategy that also includes clear and achievable long and short-term goals .

But this, unfortunately, I only discovered Costa Rica Phone Number List with time and experience (that’s why I wrote an article on everything I wish I knew before starting a blog

But how do you define the goals of the blog ? How can they help us grow our project? And how can you then verify that you have achieved them?

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We talk about it in this new article. We There is no will see together how to define practical goals that you should pursue to create a successful blog, how to implement them in your strategy, how to monitor them, achieve them and optimize results.

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What are we talking about in this article?
Why it is important to define the goals of the blog
How to set SMART goals
S: Specific – specific
M: Measurable – measurable
A: Achievable – achievable
A: Relevant – relevant
T: Time-bound – limited SMS List in time
Track, analyze and optimize results
Blog goals: extra tips to achieve them
Final thoughts
Why it is important to define the goals of the blog
Why it is important to define the goals of the blog
One of the mistakes that are made There is no most frequently with a blog is not having an action plan . But how are you going to get to a destination if you don’t even know where you’re going?

Who does not know where to go

Defining the goals of your blog must therefore be one of your top priorities if you want to develop an effective online project.


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