They are the results of hard work a lot of study

For years I have worked as an employee waking up early in the morning or going to bed late at night to develop my projects.For years I have said no to friends, dinners, weekends to be able to create my dream job.And yes, now I can say that I am fully satisfied with my work. But no, it wasn’t luck . Let’s stop believing it’s luck or the result of chance.

Final thoughts

If all of what we have said so far hasn’t scared you in the slightest, on the contrary, you find these points interesting challenges, you feel grit and determination growing inside you… then congratulations!

Freelance life is just right for you!

Living the so-called freelance Belgium WhatsApp Number List lifestyle is an increasingly coveted goal, above all for the many advantages that this lifestyle entails : no working hours obligation, more free time and the freedom to work wherever you want.

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Of course, it’s not all simple. Responsibilities are greater, as are the tasks to be performed .

But working on your own project, chasing your dreams, achieving your own goals and not someone else’s… well, it’s absolutely priceless.

Ok, let’s get back to serious stuff. Is it true that freelancers make a lot of money?

Again the answer is: it depends

Compared to an employee, who has an almost fixed salary, the earnings of a freelancer can be potentially unlimited : it depends on the type of business you run, your economic management, the expenses you have to bear, the experience you have .

There is no secret to being successful. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from your mistakes. (Colin Powell)

I’ll give you an example.

Let’s say you want to become a SMS List freelance web writer . How much can you earn?

Even assuming that you keep the prices quite high and that you write very fast, you will not be able to carry out more than a certain number of jobs per day anyway . After all, even your days are only 24 hours long.

So even if you will earn relatively much, you will not be able to scale your earnings .


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