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Usually a lot is ne sometimes less. As in previous years. Google releas its annual review to answer the question. “What is the number of queries the search engine receives in 2020. In the world. CEO Sundar Pichai tweet that more people want to know 2020 than in previous years.” how.  Phenomena can help others how to cook a certain dish or how to make it better. Undoubtly the most frequently search term is the question of how to make. at least in a small way. the world around us. or the world a little farther away. better. Search engine users are interest in what is creat by dangerous elements and equally invincible man-made phenomena.

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Happen in nature and how far North Korean missiles can go in Poland Aspect Poles are interest in forestry and cooking. They seek advice on how to dry mushrooms. how to freeze mushrooms. how to marinate mushrooms. how long to cook mushrooms. or even more precisely how to cook kites. Our compatriots are also interest in flora and Belgium Mobile Database social issues. and extraterrestrial areas of interest. They want to know how to make a flower on the planet and what the name of the Martian day is. Numbers in the world Politics has always been one of the hottest topics in the world.

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In relation to the reign of Donald Trump and his commission to build a wall to separate Mexico from the Unit States that is to some a promise and to others a threat. How much will the wall cost in Poland. The most popular question in Poland seems more mundane. Drivers in our country want to know how much it costs to have a car inspect or how much it Sms List costs to re-register a car. Ask by enthusiasts traveling to countries outside the EU as well as member states. How much does a passport cost and how much does Czech Koruna cost.


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