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 achieved by developing a pneumonia-detection app. In fact, a great capstone project is the key to excelling in Bangkit. Yuanita and her Capstone team developed an app that detect pnemonia disease using X ray datasets. This year she encourages students to put forward the best of Bangkit learning resources into building a final product in Capstone. Do you also want to succeed in Bangkit? Here are a few tips from Yuanita: Don’t settle for less. Make the most of your learning opportunity The Bangkit program only lasts for 6 months, but if we use this learning opportunity to the best of our abilities, the results will be rewarding. We can acquire and hone the skills we need to land our dream job. Stay confident Everyone in Bangkit comes from all walks of life and academic backgrounds. Some people might have embarked on their learning path earlier than others, but don’t let this shy you away. Some others may start late, but there is an equal chance for everyone to make.

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 it to the finish line.  in yourself no matter what. Be visible Digital branding, as taught in week 1, is crucial. Not only does it strengthen your will, it also motivates you to achieve more. Be visible. Be out there, online, by sharing your story on LinkedIn and other platforms, such as Github or Medium. Keep your spirits high, Never give up midway Having a background in accounting whatsapp database never stopped Yuanita from pursuing Machine Learning as her career. If you feel like you want to give up, look back at how far you have come. Remember the day you applied for Bangkit and hold fast to the dreams you aspire to achieve. Closing our afternoon interview, Yuanita said excitedly: “You will succeed in Bangkit only if you really TRY!” (Yuanita) 4 Tips .

Notes from Yuanita Intan Paramitasari

To Excel in Bangkit: Best Graduate from Class 2020 – end Flutter Engage Recap: What’s New in Flutter 2? Last Wednesday, March 3 2021, Flutter held an online event, namely ” Flutter Engage “. This event conveyed SMS List several announcements and what the newest features are in Flutter 2.0. Curious? Check out the 7 updates . Credits to:  lariki Latest Characteristics of Flutter 2 Since version 1.0 was released at the end of 2018, Flutter has attracted the attention of many developers. The 4 main characteristics of Flutter include: Beautiful Fast Productive Open With the latest version 2.0, Flutter adds one more characteristic, namely portable . Initially Flutter was used to develop cross-platform.

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