Subianto is Not Separately Validat.  Mention That Several Former Political Detainees Tapol and Kidnapp Targets Now Sustain Him in the Presidential Political Election. This Insurance Claim Was Made by Prabowo in Reaction to a Question From Presidential Prospect Numr Ganjar Pranowo Concern Unsettl Serious Civils Rights Offenses Throughout the Presidential Dispute. I lieve That I Have Actually en a Strong Defender of Civils Rights. As a Matter of Fact Individuals That Were Apprehend the Political Prisoners That Were Allegly Abduct by Me Now on My Side Safeguard Me Prabowo Stat at the General Election Payment Kpu Structure in Jakarta on Tuesday.

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Political Prisoners and Kidnapp Victims Currently Sustain Prabowo in the Presidential Political Election Accord to a Writeup Titl Amnesty Confus Lots of Kidnapp Victims of Support Prabowo on There Without a Doubt Former Political Detainees and Kidnapp Victims Who Now Sustain Prabowo in the Election. Among Them Andi Arief a Politician From the Democratic Event and Budiman Sudjatmiko a Philippines Telegram Number Data Former Political Leader of the Pdip Celebration. Usman Hamid the Executive Supervisor of Amnesty International Indonesia Question the Political Position of the Kidnapp and Forc Loss Victims of the Tragy That Currently Sustain Prabowo That Was After That the Leader of the.

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Usman Sees Possibilities for Why the Kidnapp Victims Sustain Prabowo Either They Have End Up Absentmind or Absence Sensitivity to Various Other Targets Still Miss Out on. Wiji Thukul is Likewise Yet to Found Usman Said at the Kpu Ri Office in Central Jakarta on Wnesday . Usman Cit the Instance of Cyprus Phone Number List Andi Arief From the Democratic Celebration That Was a Kidnapp Target Himself Now Sustains Prabowo. He Likewise Point Out Budiman Sudjatmiko Not That Although Budiman Was Not a Sufferer of Loss His Solidarity With Former Prd Leaders Who Were Tortur and Still Miss Elevates Inquiries. I Think It Seems as Well Practical and Possibly Thats Why They Sign Up With Not as a.

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