This campaign dyes the hair of footballers in Qatar the colors of the rainbow

The crisis of the “One Love” rainbow bracelets at the World Cup in Qatar has grabbed countless headlines in recent days (even overshadowing the sporting results on the field of play). The eight teams that were going to wear these bracelets in protest of the violation of freedoms and human rights in the host country of the World Soccer Championship announced on Monday that they would finally give up wearing them. FIFA’s threats have logically shocked many football fans and sponsors as well .

German Football Federation (DFB)

Germany, the Rewe supermarket chain terminated its contractual relationship with the with immediate effect after the German national industry email list team’s refusal to wear the “One Love” bracelet in Qatar. The creative consulting firm Deloitte Digital and the entertainment platform Twitterperlen have joined forces in a campaign focused on social networks that dyes (virtually of course) the hair of the players of the German soccer team in the colors of the rainbow.

Augmented reality is the protagonist of the Deloitte Digital and Twitterperlen campaign

Powered by the Dijk agency, the Twitterperlen platform selects the most original and fun tweets in the German language on Twitter. Born more than SMS List eight years ago, this project brings together more than half a million fans on Facebook and Instagram, and also enjoys a lot of popularity on TikTok. Very close to the times, the Deloitte Digital campaign emerged spontaneously and was launched almost overnight. «Sometimes anger (in relation to what has happened in recent days) unleashes creativity. Therefore, and creativity always ends up making its way,” emphasizes Reza Ramezani, Chief Creative Officer of Deloitte Digital.

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